Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) for Landlords/Homeowners/Potential home buyers

The duration of this booking is automatically set at 3 hours once you have made your booking.

The estimated time to carry out an electrical installation condition report is between 2- 3 hours. The time scale is dependent on the amount of circuits that are in the property.

Prices start from £150 plus VAT which will cover you for up to 6 circuits. If there are more than 6 circuits, each additional circuit will be charged at £25 per test of each circuit. The best way to find out how many circuits you have is to count the amount of circuit breakers in the consumer unit (fusebox) including any additional consumer units there may be i.e in the garage or shed (if applicable). If you’re unsure how many circuits are present, then please send me a picture of the consumer unit(s) and I will be able to confirm how many circuits are present in the property. If you are unable to obtain this information then you can still go ahead and make an appointment as long as you are happy with the pricing policy above.

Please select a suitable time and date from the slots that are available. Please note that my booking system is set up to prevent double bookings, therefore, if the booking system will not allow you to choose your desired slot (even if it shows that it is available) it will be because there is not enough time available to carry out the appointment.

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